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2017-2018 Forecasts for Euro, Pound, Dollar and Norwegian Krone Updated at DNB Markets

2017-2018 Forecasts for Euro, Pound, Dollar and Norwegian Krone Updated at DNB Markets

Economists at DNB Markets have released their latest foreign exchange forecasts covering the Euro’s prospects against the Dollar, Pound and Norwegian Krone.

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Credit Suisse post-Referendum FX Forecasts Released

Credit Suisse thumbnail

Credit Suisse Fixed Income Research analysts have announced ‘material’
revisions to their FX forecasts following the vote by the UK to Leave the European Union.

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Pound Sterling Exchange Rate Forecasts Cut by JP Morgan

JPMorgan exchange rate forecast changes

Investment bank JPMorgan have updated their latest foreign exchange forecasts in reaction to the Brexit event.

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Danske Bank’s Exchange Rate Forecasts Show Decent Sterling Recovery Ahead

Danske Bank forecasts

The US dollar is forecast to subside against both the pound and euro over coming months according to the latest forecasts issued by Denmark’s Danske Bank.

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How Accurate Were the Definitive FX Forecasts we Presented One Month Ago?

Analysis and exchange rates

A month ago we reported the collated exchange rate forecasts from the world’s biggest banks and research houses to attempt the best possible guess for where markets were heading.

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Lloyds Commercial Update Exchange Rate Forecasts for 2016, 2017 and 2018, US Dollar Sees Near-Term Downgrade

exchange rate forecasts for 2016, 2017 and 2018

Lloyds have told clients they are upgrading their exchange rate forecasts for 2016, 2017 and 2018 which includes an upgrade in the near-term for the GBP to USD conversion as the date of the next US Federal Reserve interest rate rise is delayed to September.

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Exchange Rate Forecasts 2016-2017: UniCredit See Pound Higher v Dollar, Euro Lower

UniCredit forecasts

UniCredit have updated markets with their latest foreign exchange rate forecasts and the key takeaway is that dollar weakness will remain a feature over coming months.

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Brexit Will NOT be a 'Black Wednesday' Event for Pound Sterling say Ebury Partners

Brexit won't be a black Wednesday for the pound sterling

“We do not anticipate a decline in Sterling to the magnitude witnessed in the early 1990’s, let alone the 20% depreciation suggested by Goldman Sachs.”

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The 'Definitive' Pound to Dollar Forecasts for 1, 3, 6 Months Through to 2017

Exchange rate forecast poll from Reuters

The pound is in decline against the dollar: the average GBP to USD exchange rate was at 1.4415 in January 2016, 1.4313 in February and 1.4249 in March.

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