Euro-US Dollar Exchange Rate: 1.1862 (0.03%) Charts
US Dollar-Euro Exchange Rate: 0.8429 Charts

Commerzbank: Euro-Dollar

Commerzbank: Euro-Dollar "Levels Below 1.20 are Justified"

Levels below 1.30 in the Euro-to-Dollar exchange rate (EUR/USD) are said to be justified by foreign exchange analysts at Germany's Commerzbank, although they add moves below 1.18 would not be.

Key Statistics
Live EUR/USD Exchange Rate: 1.1862
Daily Change: 0.0299%
Opening Rate: 1.1859
Today's Low: 1.1859
Today's High: 1.1859
Low of the Past Year: 1.1168 (22-06-2020)
High of the Past Year : 1.2349 (07-01-2021)
Relative Performace
1 Day
1 Week
1 Month
This Year
Past Year
5 Years
10 Years

vs G10

vs Next 10


* 1 Week = past 5 trading days, 1 Month = past 20 trading days, This Year = 2021, Past Year = Past 365 Days

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Dollar Tipped to Remain in Demand Following Fed

  • Written by Gary Howes

Dollar outlook

Foreign exchange analysts are backing further Dollar strength in the wake of the U.S. Federal Reserve meeting, but the Euro-Dollar exchange rate's dip below 1.20 could ease selling pressures as bargain hunters return to the market.

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Euro-Dollar Builds Support but Fed’s Shadow Darkens Horizon

  • Written by James Skinner

Euro to Dollar rate outlook

The Euro-to-Dollar exchange rate has dug in its heels above 1.21 in recent days while benefiting from a double-barrelled and nearby technical support on the charts, although its path higher is overshadowed this week by risks stemming from Federal Reserve (Fed) monetary policy.

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Euro-Dollar Near-Term Forecast: 1.2051 Possible

  • Written by Gary Howes

Euro Dollar exchange rate outlook

"EUR-USD is still trading below 1.22, indicating that investors remain prudent about riding a more sustained appreciation of the common currency or a decline of the greenback, and that they are probably waiting for the upcoming ECB meeting on Thursday," says Roberto Mialich, FX Strategist at UniCredit Bank in Milan.

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