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Live British Pound to South African Exchange Rate Conversion:  GBP/ZAR is at live rate image

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Table of South African Rand Exchange Rate Forecasts for end-of-quarter 2015 through 2016:

InstitutionQ3 '15 Q4 '15 Mid-2016
Lloyds Bank 19.02 19.25 18.00
Deutsche Bank 12.30 11.80 11.70
Lloyds Bank 12.35 12.50 12.00
TD Securities 12.36 12.30 12.15

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Rand exchange rate outlook

The pound sterling may be trading near its maximum against the South African rand as the country’s central bank looks to raise interest rates in coming months.

SA rand could be due a climb higher

The sell-off in the ZAR seen over recent weeks may have now run its course – the move looks overdone and a broad-base pullback is likely.

SA Rand and the SARB

Stable inflation, a steady exchange rate and threats of an economic slowdown are likely to keep interest rates unchanged at South Africa’s central bank this month.

SA Rand

The South African rand exchange rate complex has been hit hard by the generalised emerging market sell-off and the overall trend is towards weakness in an event filled week.

pound to rand best levels

A determined move higher by the British pound in mid-May trade has got markets talking about the prospect of a GBP-ZAR above 19.

5 pct more british pounds

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