The New Zealand Dollar is an outperformer in the G10 currency space amidst rising equity markets and news of a significant potential boost for the Chinese economy.

May 15,2024

The New Zealand Dollar starts the new week on a soft footing following news inflation expectations in New Zealand have fallen, increasing the odds that the Reserve Bank of New Zealand can cut interest rates later this year.

May 13,2024

GBP/NZD can come under further pressure in the near term as global markets become more confident the Federal Reserve can cut interest rates in 2024.

May 7,2024

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand won't cut interest rates until 2025 and won't be swayed by the soft Quarter 1 employment figures.

May 1,2024

The New Zealand Dollar is the day's biggest loser in the G10 currency space after a survey showed domestic business confidence and activity has slumped but inflation expectations remain elevated.

April 30,2024

GBP/NZD remains in a multi-week uptrend but could decline in value over the coming five days. Tuesday's local jobs report and Friday's U.S. labour report will be the week's two relevant highlights.

April 29,2024

The Pound is near its April lows against the New Zealand Dollar following Friday's selloff, but we look for support to kick in again.

April 22,2024

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