Pound Sterling-New Zealand Dollar Exchange Rate: 2.0628 (0.04%) Charts
New Zealand Dollar-Pound Sterling Exchange Rate: 0.4873 Charts

New Zealand Dollar Seen

New Zealand Dollar Seen "Range-trading" as Kiwi "Tenacity" Endures despite Lockdowns

The Pound-to-New Zealand Dollar rate has been volatile this month but is now tipped for a period of narrower range-trading as the Kiwi currency demonstrates a tenacity that's taken some analysts by surprise. 

Key Statistics
Live GBP/NZD Exchange Rate: 2.0628
Daily Change: 0.0436%
Opening Rate: 2.0619
Today's Low: 2.0619
Today's High: 2.0619
Low of the Past Year: 1.8278 (31-07-2019)
High of the Past Year : 2.0765 (24-03-2020)
Relative Performace
1 Day
1 Week
1 Month
This Year
Past Year
5 Years
10 Years

vs G10

vs Next 10


* 1 Week = past 5 trading days, 1 Month = past 20 trading days, This Year = 2020, Past Year = Past 365 Days

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The Pound-to-New Zealand Dollar Rate Could Face Extreme Volatility Ahead

  • Written by James Skinner

The Pound-to-New Zealand Dollar rate could extremely volatile in the weeks and months ahead with a trading range of up to 25% between peak to trough possible, although the exact path trodden by the exchange rate will be determined by the relative pace of decline in the GBP/USD and NZD/USD rates. 

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The New Zealand Dollar Sent Lower after RBNZ Slashes Rates, says Quantitative Easing Ahead

  • Written by Gary Howes

RBNZ policy announcement

The New Zealand Dollar lost value against the Pound, Dollar and other major currencies on Monday, March 16 after the Reserve Bank of New Zealand surprised markets by cutting interest rates by a sizeable 75 basis points and signalled that it would soon engage in a programme of quantitative easing to try and limit the negative economic impact of the global coronavirus pandemic.

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