These cautious remarks knocked the wind out of the US dollar.

June 1,2023

Pound to Dollar

GBPUSD was at risk of testing new multi-week lows after Chinese data prompted increased demand for the Greenback and expectations for further Federal Reserve rate hikes firmed.

May 31,2023

The Pound to Dollar exchange rate entered the new week near two-month lows but could attempt to pare away some of its recent losses if calm returns to government bond markets on both sides of the Atlantic in the days ahead.

May 30,2023

The Pound to Dollar exchange rate climbed from earlier lows in the final session of the week but its recovery could be limited if UK economic data encourages financial markets to maintain their sharply increased expectations for the Bank of England (BoE) Bank Rate.

May 26,2023

Pound Sterling is still screening overvalued and remains vulnerable to further losses according to strategists at one of Wall Street's largest banks.

May 26,2023

Market participants are becoming more confident the Federal Reserve might raise rates one final time this summer and that rate cuts won’t come into play anytime soon.

May 25,2023

The Pound to Dollar rate entered the penultimate session of the week testing major support on the charts but UK inflation and the bilateral interest rate outlook are just two reasons why recent losses could be a bear trap that begins to close on sellers of Sterling in the weeks or months ahead. 

May 25,2023

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