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Commerzbank Exchange Rate Forecast Update: Dollar Upgraded amid Sweeping Downgrades of Other Majors


Commerzbank has downgraded many of its exchange rate forecasts after most major currencies defied earlier projections as well as the market consensus during the first half of the year, leading the German lender to push back a still-anticipated trend change for the big Dollar. 

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Rabobank Forecast Update: Central Bank Race to the Bottom Dethrones King Dollar

Pound Sterling could embark upon a gradual recovery from recent losses in the months and quarters ahead after 'King Dollar' is dethroned by the Federal Reserve (Fed) amid an ongoing central bank race to the bottom of the interest rate ladder, according to the latest forecasts from Rabobank

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TD Securities Forecast Update: GBP Splutters, CAD Aims for the Stars, EUR Climbs, USD Declines

The Pound is expected to lag many rivals in an anticipated riposte to a U.S. Dollar that has dominated the currency market for fifteen months now, according to the latest forecasts from TD Securities, while the Euro is still expected to climb gently into year-end and even the Antipodean currencies that were blighted most by the greenback last year are now seen having their moment in the sun.

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Barclays Forecast Update: GBP Downgraded, USD Headed Down but Not Out, EUR on the Blink


The Pound is likely to remain depressed into year-end and beyond according to the latest exchange rate forecasts from Barclays, while both the Dollar and Euro are set to face trials and tribulations of their own before the curtain closes on 2019. 

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ING Group Forecast Update: GBP Misses the USD Turn after Downgrades, EUR Limited by Easy ECB


The Pound is facing a protracted period of weakness into year-end as the risk of a general election and socialist government mounts, according to the latest forecasts from ING Group, while the Dollar is just months away from a turn lower that brings its 18-month rally to an end although the Euro is unlikley to benefit from this any time soon. 

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CIBC Capital Markets Forecast Update: GBP Appreciation and USD Depreciation Ahead

Currency markets are still due a regime change in 2019 as the global economic league tables turn agains the U.S. economy, according to CIBC Capital Markets forecasts, but a resolution of the U.S.-China trade war will be necessary first. 

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Lloyds Bank Exchange Rate Forecast Update: GBP and USD Upgraded, EUR Downgraded

The Pound is set to rise against the Euro and Dollar this year, according to the latest forecasts from Lloyds Bank, thanks to a resilient economy and a reduction of so-called no deal Brexit risk.

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Commerzbank Exchange Rate Forecast Update: USD Braced for Decline as EUR and GBP Poise for Recovery


The foreign exchange market has spent much of the opening months of 2019 in a state of flux, with major currencies remaining locked within familiar ranges, but the latest forecasts from Commerzbank warn of a decisive shift in the landscape being in the cards for the months ahead. 

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