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MUFG Exchange Rate Forecasts: GBP, EUR and AUD to Rise as USD Falls

The U.S. Dollar is in retreat from its 2018 highs and will remain so throughout this year, according to the latest forecasts from MUFG, enabling currencies like the Pound, Euro and Australian Dollar to recover from earlier losses. 

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Barclays 2019 Forecast Update: U.S. Dollar to Remain Dominant as Brexit Weighs on GBP

The Dollar will remain the dominant force in the global currency market next year and Pound Sterling will succumb to another dose of 'Brexit uncertainty', according to the latest forecasts from Barclays, while the Euro will reach new lows.


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Societe Generale Forecast Update: Struggling to See Where the Good News Will Come from for GBP

The U.S. Dollar will reverse course and fall in 2019 while Europe's single currency rises from its current lows, according to the latest forecasts from Societe Generale, although the extent of these moves will depend greatly on what happens to China's currency. 

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ING Group 2019 Forecast Update: USD Capitulation Leads to Market Regime Change

The U.S. Dollar will capitulate to rivals next next year enabling the Pound and Euro to recover from punishing losses wracked up in 2018, according to the latest forecasts from ING Group.  

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CIBC Capital Markets Forecast Update: "Final Innings" for the USD, GBP Poised for Gains

The U.S. Dollar is entering its final innings as the dominant force in the global foreign exchange market for this cycle, according to forecasts from CIBC Capital Markets, and will soon cede ground to other developed world currencies.

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Commerzbank Exchange Rate Forecast Update: U.S. Dollar Loses its Lustre, Enabling other Currencies to Rise

The U.S. Dollar is losing its lustre for investors and will decline steadily over the coming year, according to the latest forecasts from Commerzbank, which means other currencies that have been squashed by a resurgent Dollar this year will soon be given some breathing room.

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MUFG Exchange Rate Forecast Update: USD Strength to Endure for Longer, Forcing Others into Retreat

The U.S. Dollar is likely to remain the dominant force in currency markets until well into the New Year, according to analysts at MUFG, who now project a slower pace of gains for most other currencies during the months ahead. 

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MUFG Exchange Rate Forecast Update: USD to Decline while GBP, EUR and AUD Edge Higher

The U.S. Dollar could struggle to extend its gains over the coming months, according to analysts at MUFG, who forecast that the greenback will cede ground to a number of it developed world rivals before year-end. 

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