Swiss Franc Forecasts Upgraded at Julius Baer, Cite Economic Resilience

  • Written by Gary Howes

CHF strength

Swiss investment bank Julius Baer says they are upgrading their forecasts for the Swiss Franc, citing supportive economic fundamentals and a Swiss National Bank (SNB) that can afford to be more tolerant of the currencies relative strength.

Swiss Franc Strength Could Force SNB to Slash Interest Rates to -1.0%

  • Written by Gary Howes

Swiss Franc

The Swiss Franc continues to march higher and the Swiss National Bank might find it will have to cut interest rates in response, according to Andrew Kenningham, Chief Europe Economist at Capital Economics.

The Swiss Franc Frustrates Bets on Pound after U.S. Treasury Feels SNB's Collar

  • Written by James Skinner

The Franc has frustrated intitutional buyers of Pound Sterling this week after the U.S. Treasury indicated it will be watching Switzerland's central bank closely for signs of currency manipulation in the months ahead, prompting a surge higher by the safe-haven unit.

Pound-Franc Exchange Rate Breaks Down

  • Written by Gary Howes


The Pound starts the new year with a sharp dip against the Swiss Franc, and further losses could occur over the course of January as the GBP/CHF exchange rate threatens to enter into a fresh technical downtrend.

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