Incoming data shows the UK economy is outperforming the Bank of England's most recent round of forecasts, according to a leading economist.

December 7,2023

The Federal Reserve will wait until June before cutting interest rates, but from this point, the pace of rate cuts could surprise markets.

December 7,2023

A prominent member of the European Central Bank's rate-setting committee won't rule out an interest rate cut occurring in the first half of 2024.

December 5,2023

UK businesses are decidedly more chipper about their prospects as we approach the end of a challenging year.

November 30,2023

Jonathan Haskel is the latest member of the Bank of England to warn there is no prospect of a rate cut over the coming months as the UK's labour market remains too "tight".

November 28,2023

Wages are front and centre for European Central Bank deliberations over when to cut interest rates, and looming collectivised wage increases will ensure the first cut won't be until late in 2024.

November 28,2023

The Bank of England's Governor Andrew Bailey warned that interest rates would not be cut "in the foreseeable future" as he expressed concern that inflation will prove sticky below 4.0%.

November 27,2023

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