Wednesday's inflation print merely has to print in line with the Bank of England's forecast to trigger an interest rate cut.

May 20,2024

A business "investment resurgence" is underway as UK companies look to invest in equipment, according to researchers at Deutsche Bank.

May 17,2024

The Federal Reserve is overseeing a "policy disaster" that has triggered a deep deflation in goods prices, according to a prominent strategist.

May 16,2024

Expectations for a Federal Reserve (Fed) rate cut in September are gaining traction, shaping market sentiment and the Dollar's movement.

May 16,2024

UK wage pressures are increasing and the official unemployment figures are likely too pessimistic. These are some of the reactions to the UK's latest labour market report.

May 14,2024

The ONS reported on Tuesday that wages rose at a faster pace than markets expected but that unemployment is also rising. These contradictory signals have lessened the prospect of a Bank of England rate cut in June, but only slightly.

May 14,2024

Economists at Berenberg have raised their GDP forecasts in light of the first quarter's strong reading and say it supports the case for an August rate cut.

May 10,2024

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