Can inflation continue to fall, in line with the Bank's own forecasts, and therefore ultimately justify growing expectations that the Bank is about to end the hiking cycle?

September 20,2023

The Bank of England's apparent plan of raising interest rates to 5.50% this week but then calling a halt to the rate hiking cycle is tantamount to a mistake, according to a prominent economist.

September 19,2023

The Bank of England is expected to raise interest rates a further 25 basis points to 5.5% next Thursday but there is "significant scope" to soften guidance as to whether another such hike is warranted.

September 15,2023

The oil price rally is near its limits according to new research that warns "gravity cannot be ignored long term".

September 8,2023

The demand for labour at UK businesses has fallen sharply in a signal the labour market is cooling, which should allow the Bank of England to press the pause button on its interest rates hiking campaign say economists.

September 8,2023

Inflation expectations at UK businesses have turned meaningfully lower according to a regular survey conducted by the Bank of England and the University of Nottingham.

September 7,2023

Gold prices could defy the signal being sent by bond markets and rise over the coming weeks according to a new assessment from the World Gold Council.

September 6,2023

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