The Pound to Euro exchange rate hit a new two-year high at 1.1920 on Monday, but inflation, wage and retail sales data will determine whether this hot streak extends.

July 15,2024

The Pound to Euro exchange rate (GBP/EUR) is looks set to record its highest weekly finish in two years, but recent gains would be reversed if next week's employment and inflation data undershoots.

July 12,2024

Work has already begun to improve the UK's Brexit deal with the EU as the new Labour government pursues closer ties with the EU. Analysts at Barclays say this can help shrink the Pound's 'Brexit premium'.

July 9,2024

The Euro is set for volatility as France throws up a significant surprise: the left came first in France's legislative elections.

July 8,2024

Pound Sterling has been unfazed by the Labour Party's massive election win overnight and analysts say they remain constructive on the currency's outlook.

July 5,2024

Political and fiscal uncertainty will be the watchword if France's Sunday vote results in a 'hung parliament'.

July 4,2024

Pound Sterling has recovered some of its recent losses against the Euro as the market establishes an equilibrium ahead of Sunday's final round of French voting that could yet result in a majority for National Rally (RN).

July 3,2024

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