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UK inflation could prove more persistent than expected, even as European gas prices fall.

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The Pound fell notably against a broadly stronger Dollar this week in price action that has taken Sterling back below 1.19 and seemingly invited a test of nearby technical support around 1.18 on the charts, although some analysts say losses as far as 1.1650 are also a possibility. 

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Halifax House Price Index

Halifax has reported a 1.5% month-on-month decline in UK house prices, lowering the 2022 increase in house prices to 2.0%.

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Voting members of the Federal Reserve

A look at who the important voices on the Federal Reserve's FOMC will be in 2023.

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Business expect wages to remain elevated

The Bank of England could face a protracted period of wage increases in 2023 according to a key survey of businesses, suggesting core inflation in the UK might prove stickier than expected.

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Federal Reserve (Fed) policymakers frowned at the idea of interest rate cuts for later this year and went out of their way last month to make a hawkish impression on the market in an effort to prevent financial conditions from easing further, minutes of the latest meeting showed on Wednesday.

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Declining energy prices are lessening the damage done to the public finances by last year's increases and affording HM Treasury the luxury of making strategic choices about what to do with the Office for Gas and Electricity Markets (OFGEM) price cap for household energy bills from April onward.

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