euro exchange rate 2

We look at two opposite views on where the Euro exchange rate might go in both the short-term and the long-term

July 7,2016

Euro / Dollar chart

The euro is forecast to continue lower, but those looking for fireworks would best be served looking elsewhere it is argued by a number of analysts.

July 7,2016

euro exchange rate 3

The charts are showing the euro is vulnerable to another sell-off versus the dollar in the coming week, although fundamentally analysts see euro weakness limited, so the main driver could be dollar strength

July 4,2016

dnb markets exchange rate forecasts 1

Scandinavian lender DNB forecast the dollar to strengthen, the euro to fall, the pound to continue its post-Bexit down-trend a little further, Scandi’s to rise and safe-havens to give back their Brexit risk premiums

June 30,2016

Euro to dollar exchange rate

Following the announcement of Brexit the euro dropped swiftly from EUR/USD 1.14 to 1.09, before recovering towards EUR/USD 1.10.

June 30,2016

eurozone risks concept 1

The euro to dollar rate fell to lows of 1.0913 in overnight trade as the single currency was hit by fears about the outlook for the integrity of the EU following Britain’s decision to vote to leave

June 25,2016

Euro to US dollar exchange rate outlook

If EUR/USD (currently in the 1.1260s) can break clearly above the 50-day moving average (at 1.1300), which is currently preventing any further progress higher, it should gain the necessary momentum to move back up towards the 1.1450's.

June 21,2016

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