euro to dollar 2

More upside for the euro as ECB support limits impact on currency of the brewing German banking crisis.

October 1,2016

Euro exchange rate outlook

The Euro is forecast to remain well supported but dollar strength remains a risk should US data surprise to the upside while our technical studies continue to anticipate an upside breakout.

September 27,2016

euro exchange rate 1

1.10s in the crosshairs after US inflation data puts a rate hike back on the table.

September 20,2016

Euro to dollar rate is a sell

EURUSD strength should be sold say analysts in new note to clients.

September 14,2016

Euro to dollar EURUSD week ahead

EUR/USD remains evenly balanced but with a slight upside bias.

September 13,2016

euro to dollar exchange rate 1

News, views, forecasts and data for the coming week.

September 5,2016

analysis exchange rates 1 compressor

The dollar is the major currency with the most bullish outlook, according to analysts at Westpac, who use a tripartite currency forecasting model as a basis for their trading recommendations.

September 3,2016

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