ECB exchange rate impact

ECB extends asset purchase scheme by 9 months to December 2017 or beyond. Cuts monthly purchases from €80bn to €60bn after March.

December 9,2016

Kathleen Brooks forecasts for the Euro

The Euro exchange rate complex is forecast to rise as a result of today’s European Central Bank decision according to the base-case scenario posited by Kathleen Brooks at City Index.

December 8,2016

italy impact euro exchange rate 1

Market-watchers have been discussing the outcome of the Italian Election and its impact on the Euro, we consider two contrasting views.

December 3,2016

euro exchange rate 5

The EUR/USD pair is expected to weaken because of a mixture of pro-Dollar inflows and Euro-negative political risk.

December 1,2016

euro to dollar 1

Calls for EUR/USD to plummet to parity are unlikely to materialize claim two leading analysts who see recoveries in EUR/USD as a more likely short-term outcome.

November 30,2016

euro exchange rate 1

The Dollar may well resume its triumphal march higher whilst the Euro remains on the rack of political uncertainty, as the coming week unfolds.

November 29,2016

italy impact euro exchange rate 1

EUR/USD should continue devaluing to its previous 1.04 lows if the Italian referendum returns a majority for “No” as polls currently suggest.

November 26,2016

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