euro exchange rate 3

The EUR/USD pair is in a short-term downtrend since selling off following the news of Donal Trump’s victory, now the pair looks set for more downside as fears of a populist reaction spread across the Eurozone.

November 15,2016

eurozone risks concept 1

Whilst most analysts took the Euro’s early gains as a cue to write bullish forecasts the surprising retraction in EUR/USD has changed the outlook.

November 10,2016

euro to dollar 2

The EUR/USD spiked higher following the news of Trump’s presidential election success, could this be the start of a broader rebound for the pair?

November 10,2016

euro to pound sterling exchange rate

On the day of the presidential election, markets are relatively subdued as traders wary of volatility stand back and wait for the results, but could the EUR/USD pair provide a risk-free election bet?

November 8,2016

Euro exchange rate outlook against the Dollar

The EUR fell in October but has bounced in the first days of November.

November 8,2016

euro exchange rate 4

The Dollar continues to hold all the aces against the single currency, however, there is a risk market's may revise their negative view of the Euro.

November 1,2016

euro exchange rate 5

An optimistic outlook for the German economy and a sudden recovery in the polls for Donald Trump have led to a turnaround in EUR/USD.

October 27,2016

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