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EUR/USD is too low and analysts expect it to move higher over time, however, how much time may be the question.

June 27,2017

euro to dollar generic 1

The Euro to US Dollar continues rising within its range between the lows of 1.0300 and the ceiling at 1.1450.

June 26,2017

euro to dollar 2

The Euro to Dollar exchange rate is likely to describe a rollercoaster-like ride lower before moving steeply higher, according to analysts at Morgan Stanley (MS).

June 24,2017

euro to pound sterling exchange rate

The pair had been in an uptrend but recent weaknesses have made the outlook more bearish.

June 21,2017

euro to dollar exchange rate 1

There is still no change to our forecast of the pair reaching 1.1390 except that now there is na bearish tenor to the chart.

June 19,2017

euro to dollar exchange rate 2

The EUR/USD is rising after the release of inflation data showed no change from analyst’s expectations.

June 16,2017

exchange rates 1

The pair is still forecast to rise as per our June 11 report despite a pull-back following the Fed's decision to hike rates.

June 15,2017

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