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The Pound to Rise 5% if May's Deal Passes says J.P. Morgan, but "No Brexit" Now Increasingly Likely 

  • Written by James Skinner

The Pound could rally by as much as five percent over coming weeks if Prime Minister Theresa May is able to get her Brexit proposals through parliament, according to analysts at J.P. Morgan, who say there is now a 90% chance that either the Withdrawal Agreement will pass the House of Commons or there will be no Brexit at all. 

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The Pound Advances as "Probability of a No-Deal has Reduced"

  • Written by Gary Howes

Pound Sterling today

A momentus week in British politics lies ahead of us and we expect volatility in Pound Sterling to increase accordingly. On Monday we could receive a statement by PM May while reports suggest the EU is willing and ready to delay Brexit until mid-year.

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3-1 Odds Pound hits Parity vs. Euro in 2019

  • Written by Gary Howes

Pound and Euro fall to parity odds

Betting markets are quoting odds of 3/1 that the British Pound will fall to parity against the Euro in 2019 while UK government ministers frantically deny they are putting out feelers on the prospect of delaying Brexit.

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