Investment bank Goldman Sachs has lowered its forecasts profile for the British Pound, saying expectations for future UK interest rate levels are less supportive than was previously the case.

May 7,2024

The British Pound is a "castle made of sand" and "could face a difficult period", according to a new analysis from HSBC.

May 3,2024

A big Labour win in today's local elections could boost Pound Sterling as it could hasten a change of guard at Westminster, say analysts at Crédit Agricole.

May 2,2024

Pound Sterling has recovered against key levels against the Euro and Dollar as month-end approaches, but the coming days pose events and data that could yet see it trip.

April 30,2024

Pound Sterling's recent fall has been deemed "excessive" by some analysts who look for a steady recovery over the near-term.

April 25,2024

Pound Sterling extended its recovery against the Euro, Dollar and other currencies after the Bank of England's Chief Economist made it quite clear the outlook for UK monetary policy had not changed significantly in the recent path.

April 23,2024

The British Pound is recovering against the Euro and Dollar after data showed the economic rebound strengthened in April, as did inflationary pressures facing UK businesses.

April 23,2024

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