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Pound Sterling: Election Day Forecasts vs. Euro & Dollar

Pound Sterling: Election Day Forecasts vs. Euro & Dollar

"The Conservatives failing to win a majority would come as a shock, and could result in a significant drop in the Pound." - Capital Economics.

Key Statistics
Live GBP/EUR Exchange Rate: 1.1869
Daily Change: 0.1354%
Opening Rate: 1.1856
Today's Low: 1.1853
Today's High: 1.1874
Low of the Past Year: 1.0638 (10-08-2019)
High of the Past Year : 1.1912 (10-12-2019)
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* 1 Week = past 5 trading days, 1 Month = past 20 trading days, This Year = 2019, Past Year = Past 365 Days

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Bank of England Surprise sends Pound Sterling Lower

  • Written by Gary Howes

Carney and outlook for the Pound

Pound Sterling was in retreat Thursday after the latest interest rate decision revealed dissent on the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) Bank of England (BoE), with some rate setters having voted for an immediate reduction in borrowing costs in order to support the slowing economy. 

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