Pound Sterling-Australian Dollar Exchange Rate: 1.8628 (0.3%) Charts
Australian Dollar-Pound Sterling Exchange Rate: 0.5368 Charts

Pound-to-Australian Rate Won't be Spared by China's Moves against Australia Or USD/CNH

Pound-to-Australian Rate Won't be Spared by China's Moves against Australia Or USD/CNH

The Pound-to-Australian Dollar rate downtrend has wained this week but remains intact while the underperforming British currency is unlikely to be spared from further losses by Chinese aggression toward Australia and a rise in USD/CNH due to the broken relationship…

Key Statistics
Live GBP/AUD Exchange Rate: 1.8628
Daily Change: 0.3031%
Opening Rate: 1.857
Today's Low: 1.8462
Today's High: 1.8656
Low of the Past Year: 1.7561 (31-07-2019)
High of the Past Year : 2.088 (21-03-2020)
Relative Performace
1 Day
1 Week
1 Month
This Year
Past Year
5 Years
10 Years

vs G10

vs Next 10


* 1 Week = past 5 trading days, 1 Month = past 20 trading days, This Year = 2020, Past Year = Past 365 Days

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Pound Sterling is forecast to maintain a trend of depreciation against the Australian Dollar over the coming days, and potentially weeks, according to the latest technical studies of the GBP/AUD market and observations of the fundamentals currently driving both currencies.

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Pound Sterling is being tipped to fall against the Australian Dollar over coming days and weeks by strategists at Nomura, the global investment bank, who see a combination of pro-risk markets and Australia's early exit from lockdown as being two justifications for the stance.

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The Reserve Bank of Australia today warned of a sharp slump of 10% in Australian GDP in the first half of 2020, but foreign exchange strategists say the country is nevertheless well positioned to ride the slump when compared with its peers, and this could ultimately underpin the Australian Dollar for the foreseeable future.

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The Pound-Australian Dollar rate was in recovery mode Friday and is tipped by Westpac to climb further in weeks ahead following a punishing April month, with much of that decline now likely to be retraced, although the levels produced in this correction higher could be the best available to Aussie Dollar buyers for a while to come.

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