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GBP to EUR Exchange Rate Could go as Low as 1.10


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The British Pound to Euro exchange rate trades at 1.1519 on the inter-bank market at the time of writing - an improvement on this week's low at 1.1410.

It appears that a modicum of stability has been provided to this under-pressure exchange rate by the recent recovery in GBP/USD, so it's worth keeping an eye on the Dollar in this regard.

Nevertheless, the GBP/EUR exchange rate remains contained within a short-term downtrend which has been dominant since early Decemeber and it is too soon to suggest we have witnessed a bottom to the pull-back.

From a technical perspective I am aware of the formation hammer candlestick which has formed at the recent lows.

Hammers are normally a sign the trend is about to reverse and move higher, but they are not always terribly reliable.


As such, I would not place too much credence on this particular indicator.

The short-term downtrend is therefore still likely to remain dominant, with a break below the 1.1405 lows confirming a continuation down to the next target at 1.1300, just above the S2 monthly pivot at 1.1280.

MACD has moved below the zero-line and is poised to continue falling, supporting the bearish forecast.

Longer-Term Declines Forecast Pound to Achieve €1.10

Our views posted above are short-term in nature, and looking at the bigger picture it is quite clear where the path of least-resistance lies. 

Analyst Lucy Lillicrap of Associated Foreign Exchange is negative on GBP/EUR's prospects over the longer-term timeframe and sees a potential move down to 1.10 as being possible.

This would have to however be confirmed by a break below 1.1400.

“The recent rejection around 1.20 is still influencing GBP price development with 1.1500 support increasingly vulnerable to attack again as broader technicals deteriorate.

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“Fresh rallies now face resistance beginning at 1.1850 then 1.1950 areas and only beyond distant/tertiary supply in the 1.2050 region will appreciably reduce immediate negative pressure.

“Otherwise recent activity here looks increasingly toppy and a clear breach of 1.1490/00 support should usher in renewed medium-term erosion; targeting 1.1000 eventually,” says Lillicrap.

Technical analyst at brokers Charles Stanley, Bill McNamara argues this weak spell for GBP/EUR follows its failure at resistance in the form of the downtrend that has been in place since late-2015 and.

Charles Stanley GBP vs EUR

Although it’s worth noting that its 40-week moving average also kicked in as resistance.

"Sterling looks somewhat oversold on a short-term view but the chart is now implying that it could fall further before it finds a bottom," says McNamara.



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