gold prices analysis

The US Treasury report on currency manipulation could provide Gold with a boost mid-month.

April 11,2017

Analysis of exchange rates

The UK data pulse gives us its next tick on Friday, April 7 with the release of Manufacturing and Industrial Production data from the ONS at 09:30 B.S.T.

April 7,2017


Willem Verhagen, Senior Economist, Macro & Strategy at NN Investment Partners suggests the ECB are unlikely to deliver the kind of action on quantitative easing that those who are looking for a stronger Euro in 2017 are expecting.

April 5,2017

Services sector PMI exchange rates

Foreign exchange markets will be watching the outcome of the release of UK service sector PMI data due for release at 09:30 on Wednesday, April 5.

April 5,2017

Construction PMI misses expectations

The second major UK economic data release of April 2017 has confirmed the UK construction sector continues to grow close to long-term rates.

April 4,2017

UK current account data

The UK's current account deficit - the millstone that hangs around the Pound’s neck - fell sharply in the final quarter of 2016 it has been revealed.

September 30,2021

Eurozone inflation is key today

The Euro exchange rate complex is likely to react to the next set of Eurozone inflation data, due out at 10:00 B.S.T.

March 31,2017

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