UK inflation data and escape velocity

The British pound’s outlook rests with two factors, in our view: The EU referendum in June and UK inflation data.

April 12,2016

gold prices analysis

Charts are showing volatility may be on the horizon for the precious metal, but the question is in which direction?

April 7,2016

scotland independence currency guide

Could a 'Scotxit' follow a Brexit?

March 24,2016

usdollar close

Talk of the U.S falling into a recession has been growing, we look at the primary reasons stoking these fears. 

March 17,2016

Gold prices are on the rise - here is why

The negative rate environment is having unintended consequences, one of which is the ressurection of gold as a safe-haven. 

March 17,2016

Manufacturing data impacts on the pound sterling

Pound sterling has advanced against the euro and US dollar as UK mid-week data beats expectations.

March 9,2016


Mark Carney, governor of the BOE, was mildly supportive of remaining in the E.U in a testimony to parliament on Tuesday.

March 10,2016

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