The Stars say the Euro will Rally after the European Elections: The Astrologer's Forecast

Astrologer's guide to the Euro

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With traditional analysts enduring less-than-stellar forecasting success, we thought it unfair not to give the stars a shot at predicting the Euro's fortunes in the wake of the looming European Union elections.

Financial astrology is indicating a positive omen on the horizon for the Euro, and that a coincidental conjunction of two major planets on the day after the European elections could bring good tidings for the currency.

On May 27 the planet Jupiter will conjunct the Euro’s natal Mercury (circled in red below), a once in 12-year occurrence, which astrologers see as a very positive aspect. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and expansion and whatever it touches it tends to bless.

Financial astrology is not as far out as it sounds. None other than the founder of the largest investment bank in the world, J P Morgan Chase, was a believer. Morgan was once quoted as saying, “millionaires don’t believe in astrology but billionaires do.”

EUR astrologers

Mercury is the planet of communication - the Roman god of the same name was the equivalent of the Greek god Hermes, who was the messenger of the gods - he of winged sandals. The conjunction of the 2 means expansion and good fortune will touch communication for the Euro - or in other words the currency will likely benefit from positive newsflow on that day.

It is probably not a coincidence that this also happens to be the day after the European elections, which could indicate a surprisingly positive election result for the Euro.

It may indicate results will not be as bad as some may be fearing given opinion polls showing eurosceptic parties in the lead, at least in the UK and Italy.

Jupiter conjunct mercury, “is a time when your usual way of thinking and seeing the world is infused with a grander, bigger perspective... Details may be glossed over, and you may tend towards over-optimism at this time… You might receive some great news, or deliver it. As long as you don’t overdo it, this is a great time to sell yourself, to sign papers, make decisions, deliver speeches, and to buy and sell,” says Anne Heese, Astrologer and founder of website Astrology Cafe.

The fact the rare conjunction is occurring in the 3rd house of the Euro’s chart (circled in blue) further suggests an emphasis on good news. The third house rules communication and thinking in all forms.

The conjunction may also highlight the area of the chart ruled by mercury. In the case of the Euro this is the sign of gemini which is located in the opposite 9th house. The Euro’s natal moon is also situated in gemini.

This could be interpreted in any number of ways but the fact the conjunction is helping to expand and highlight the opposite side of the chart to that where it is occurring may suggest the positive influence of the conjunction is somehow tempered, or balanced, as oppositions tend to have this effect. In addition, the moon can represent ‘roots’ which is a problematic concept for the multicultural Euro, as evidenced by the recent rise of nationalism.

Yet overall, the conjunction is likely to be more beneficial than not given Jupiter’s role as the ‘bringer of fortune’.