A History of The British Pound / Russian Rouble Exchange Rates from 2012 - 2024


Year-to-Date Performance for the GBP / RUB:

Highest Exchange Rate: 127.908, reached on 15/07/2024

Lowest Exchange Rate: 106.206, reached on 15/07/2024

Mid Exchange Rate: 115.815, reached on 29/02/2024

Today's Live Rate: 1 GBP = 114.5650 RUB

Bank Rate: 1 GBP = 110.0741 RUB

Best GBP/RUB Rate: 1 GBP = 113.7630 RUB

Historical Graph For Converting British Pounds into Russian Roubles

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These data are based on the spread surveyed in a recent survey conducted for Pound Sterling Live by The Money Cloud.