Using today's live exchange rate £100 000 will deliver:
Provider Fee EUR AUD USD CAD NZD Transfer Time
RationalFX 0 113361 175066 132148 1649731 191073 Next Day
Lloyds Bank 17 111374 171998 129833 1620824 187725 3-8 Days
FX at Stake 17 $ $ $ $

Buying Overseas Property? Get the Best Exchange Rates

Get More Currency for Overseas Property Transactions.

Foreign property transactions involve the movement of significant sums of money; exchange rate movements can either make your currency deliver more or leave you with less spending power than you would have hoped.

That is why an independent currency broker is crucial to the process as they:

  1. Offer Key Advice
  2. Offer Hedging Strategies to Protect from FX movements
  3. Deliver you exchange rates as close to the spot market rate as possible and thus delivering more currency than your bank which will seek to profit from a large spread.

The figures show how the rate you receive can vary. These are the savings RationalFX are able to deliver clients.

Why Choose RationalFX

why choose rationalfxRationalFX have access to almost 50 different currencies and can transfer funds to and from over 150 countries around the world.

Regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority and HM Revenues and Customs they offer a cost saving and efficient alternative to your bank, they can offer:

  1. Consistently better exchange rates than the banks
  2. Transfer of funds within 24 hours
  3. No transfer fees or commission
  4. The ability to speak to a personal account manager with expertise in FX.

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International Payments: Best Practice

  • Understand the consequences of currency fluctuations.
  • Set your budget rate.
  • Ask your trader to monitor the rates during invoice periods to try and help you buy currency when the rates are favourable.
  • Be aware of the products and services available to you and implement the best-fit strategy.
  • Guard against unfavourable rates and additional charges.

Security and Protection

RationalFX is:

  • Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), FRN No: 507958 for the provision of payment services.
  • As such all clients' funds held separate from RationalFX funds in a segregated client account at Barclays Bank. 
  • Registered as a Money Service Business (MSB) with HM Revenue & Customs, MSB No. 12206957
  • Trusted - To date £1.25Bn (€1.5Bn, $2Bn) worth of currency transferred.

Trust pilot reviews

quote markI was pleased with the rate I was given, I will be moving some more funds in the near future and will certainly be using RationalFX again. Your after service and the way you kept me informed every step of the way is second to none. Most people only send emails to complain about things never about the great service they have received. Thanks."

Sent by private client Ian to RationalFX client manager Louisa Ballard, December 2012.

quote markOur strength lies in the vast knowledge and expertise of our foreign exchange dealers, who look forward to discussing your currency requirements and formulating the best FX strategy to help you avoid fluctuations in the FX market.

- Paresh Davdra, Sales Director at RationalFX.