Business FX in the post-Covid 'New Normal'

FX capabilities and structured products overseen by an expert trader who is dedicated to your business, delivering a provable advantage.

As lockdowns ease and visibility begins to return, a return to ‘normal’ for businesses is unlikely. It’s vital businesses recognise the changing landscape and take the time to consider whether former FX strategies are still appropriate.

Business FX

As such, now might be a good time to have an FX review to discuss strategies moving forward.

When a business' requirements change, it can be difficult to understand how to adjust a FX hedging policy to adapt to the new circumstances.

Rate movements can cause potential cash flow impacts for existing hedges, which can add an additional unwelcome dimension to the decision-making process.

Working with a currency specialist can help to minimise negative FX impacts.

By understanding a business' cash flow constraints and desired objectives, Global Reach can help formulate custom solutions and strategies.

Global Reach has a range of products clients can utilise, such as Spot, Forward, Market Orders, and Options, to maximise gains and minimise losses.

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