On the 11th October 2018 the spot inter-bank market saw:

Open: 1 GBP = 1.3204 USD

Close: 1 GBP = 1.3232 USD

Average: 1 GBP = 1.3215 USD

Lowest: 1 GBP = 1.3184 USD

Highest: 1 GBP = 1.3245 USD

Today's Live British Pound into Us Dollar Exchange Rate

Spot: 1 GBP = 1.2406 USD

Independent Provider: 1 GBP = 1.2319

Avge. UK Bank International Payment: 1 GBP = 1.1920 USD

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GBP/USD Conversion Table History

See below quick comparision table showing how the most popular currency requirements for the British Pound / Us Dollar exchange rate conversions on the 11th of October compared.

British Pounds into Us Dollars Us Dollars into British Pound Date
1 GBP = 1.3232 USD 0.7557 GBP = 1 USD on 11/10/2018
5 GBP = 6.6160 USD 3.7785 GBP = 5 USD on 11/10/2018
10 GBP = 13.2320 USD 7.5570 GBP = 10 USD on 11/10/2018
15 GBP = 19.8480 USD 11.3355 GBP = 15 USD on 11/10/2018
20 GBP = 26.4640 USD 15.1140 GBP = 20 USD on 11/10/2018
25 GBP = 33.0800 USD 18.8925 GBP = 25 USD on 11/10/2018
50 GBP = 66.1600 USD 37.7850 GBP = 50 USD on 11/10/2018
100 GBP = 132.3200 USD 75.5700 GBP = 100 USD on 11/10/2018
500 GBP = 661.6000 USD 377.8500 GBP = 500 USD on 11/10/2018
1000 GBP = 1,323.2000 USD 755.7000 GBP = 1000 USD on 11/10/2018
2500 GBP = 3,308.0000 USD 1,889.2500 GBP = 2500 USD on 11/10/2018
5000 GBP = 6,616.0000 USD 3,778.5000 GBP = 5000 USD on 11/10/2018
10000 GBP = 13,232.0000 USD 7,557.0000 GBP = 10000 USD on 11/10/2018
25000 GBP = 33,080.0000 USD 18,892.5000 GBP = 25000 USD on 11/10/2018
50000 GBP = 66,160.0000 USD 37,785.0000 GBP = 50000 USD on 11/10/2018
100000 GBP = 132,320.0000 USD 75,570.0000 GBP = 100000 USD on 11/10/2018
250000 GBP = 330,800.0000 USD 188,925.0000 GBP = 250000 USD on 11/10/2018
500000 GBP = 661,600.0000 USD 377,850.0000 GBP = 500000 USD on 11/10/2018
1000000 GBP = 1,323,200.0000 USD 755,700.0000 GBP = 1000000 USD on 11/10/2018

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Solid Wage Growth Fails to Support Sterling amid Gloomy BoE Outlook

16 July, 2019 |

The Pound hit the ropes again Tuesday as the market responded to official employment figures for the month of May, with subsequent price action suggesting investors have all but given hope of seeing the Bank of England (BoE) lift its interest rate anytime soon. 


The Pound Today: Wage Data Blowout Overshadowed by Johnson and Hunt Irish Backstop Comments

16 July, 2019 |

Today's wage numbers should be an all-out positive for Sterling, but instead we see the Pound-Euro exchange rate hitting a fresh seven-month low while the Pound-Dollar exchange rate is hitting fresh two-year lows.


British Pound Can Fall Another 4%: MUFG

15 July, 2019 |

The Pound was bottom of the developed world barrel for July this last week but is in danger of a further four percent decline over the coming months if the outcome of the ongoing Conservative Party leadership election leads to adverse Brexit headlines, according to analysts at MUFG.


Vlieghe: Interest Rates Could hit 0% or Go Higher to Defend Pound Sterling in 'No Deal' Brexit Outcome

12 July, 2019 |

The Bank of England continued prepare the UK for a potential interest rate cut on Friday, July 12, with Monetary Policy Committee member Gertjan Vlieghe saying Threadneedle Street could potentially cut interest rates to boost demand if Britain faces repeatedly extended Brexit deadlines and a slowing global economy.


British Pound Puts in Gains, but Tenreyro Adds to Rate Cut Expectations

11 July, 2019 |

Comments from Bank of England MPC member Tenreyro add to expectations for an interest rate cut, which should weigh on Sterling going forward.


Pound Sterling Live: GDP Numbers Aid Shallow Recovery

10 July, 2019 |

The release of GDP and other economic data mid-week are being tipped as a potential catalyst for a short-term relief rally in Pound Sterling.


British Pound Sell-Off Breaks Key Levels

09 July, 2019 |

The British Pound has come under more concerted selling pressure in the London session on Tuesday with a fall below 1.25 against the U.S. Dollar looking to be a catalyst to the broader sell off in the Sterling family.


Pound Treads Near Multi-Month Lows vs. Euro and Dollar Amidst Fresh Political Intrigue

08 July, 2019 |

The British Pound is trading towards the lower end of multi-month ranges against both the Euro and U.S. Dollar as a new week of trade that should be dominated by ongoing political intrigue commences.


Turkish Lira at Risk of Dramatic Losses again as Fears Over Central Bank Independence Resurface

08 July, 2019 |

The Turkish Lira fell sharply Monday as markets responded to a Saturday decision by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to fire Murat Cetinkaya, governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT), although the currency remains at risk of dramatic losses against Pound Sterling and the Dollar in the months ahead. 


Pound Sterling Forecast: Talk of October Snap General Election Poses Further Downside

06 July, 2019 |

News that the Conservatives are resigning themselves to an Autumn General Election is yet another factor weighing down on an already under-performing British Pound ahead of the weekend.


Pound Sterling to Lag Euro into Year-end as Brexit Gridlock Weighs, but Gains vs. Dollar Possible says Investment Bank

04 July, 2019 |

The Pound slipped to the bottom of the G10 league table Tuesday and is set to remain an underperformer into year-end, according to the latest forecasts from TD Securities, as Brexit-related chaos in Westminster is seen exacting a heavy toll on the economy and Bank of England (BoE). 


Service PMI Miss Heaps Woe on Sterling

03 July, 2019 |

The British Pound was seen under selling pressure in mid-week trade after the release of data that showed the UK's dominant services sector struggled in June.