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British Pound (GBP) on 9/01: Sterling in Fresh Assault on EUR as ECB Sounds a Bearish Warning

  • Written by Gary
The British Pound Faces Bank of England MPC Risk Today
The British Pound continues to dominate the forex market on Thursday; Sterling was further underpinned at mid-day when the Bank of England told markets it was keeping policy and forward guidance unchanged. Driving the GBP/EUR higher was a bearish sounding ECB press conference - it seems that the ECB will consider pursuing a policy of easing in 2014 - a scenario that is unfriendly to the euro. Read more ...

Bank of England: Let Forward Guidance Wither Away

  • Written by Gary
bank of england forward guidance
The next big hurdle facing the British pound comes in the form of Thursday's Bank of England MPC decision and a host of analysts are expecting the MPC to communicate changes to the Bank's forward guidance policy. Read more ...

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