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For consensus GBP/USD forecasts from the world's top 50 investment banks for October 2018 through to October 2019, please download the latest report produced in conjunction with Horizon Currency Ltd.

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Feb Update: Euro Dollar Exchange Rate Forecasts for 2014: EUR/USD Outlook Suggests Risks Lie to the Upside

2014 euro dollar exchange rate forecasts
The euro dollar exchange rate (EUR/USD) forecast for 2014 at Danske Bank has been tweaked allowing for a less bearish viewpoint on the euro in the near term. Read more ...

Exchange Rate Forecasts TODAY: USD up, GBP up, AUD down, JPY down, EUR neutral

exchange rate forecasts today

Exchange rate forecasts issued by a selection of the big names we follow shows the US dollar is currently the currency to beat, closely followed by the pound sterling.

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RBS pound sterling forecasts for 2014: GBP/EUR Higher, GBP/USD Lower

rbs exchange rate forecasts

We hear from RBS who have told clients they are forecasting differing fortunes for the British pound in 2014.

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Exchange Rate Forecasts for 14/01: British Pound, Euro, US Dollar, Yen and Australian dollar

Todays exchange rate forecasts
Pound Sterling Live present our latest set of near-term exchange rate forecasts garnered from a couple of the big names we follow. Read more ...

Today's Exchange Rate Forecasts: Pound Sterling, US Dollar, Euro, Australian Dollar, Yen

todays exchange rate forecasts from OCBC Bank

OCBC Bank tell us that exchange rate markets are likely to be heavily influenced by a recovering dollar as the Friday non-farm payrolls shock fades.

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Why Citigroup are forecasting the British pound (GBP) to rise higher in 2014

We hear from Citigroup Inc. on why they are backing further British pound (GBP) gains over the course of 2014.

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Exchange Rate Forecasts For British Pound, US Dollar, Yen and Australian Dollar ref AUD, GBP, USD, EUR, JPY

exchange rate forecasts ocbc
OCBC Bank give us their near-term foreign exchange rate forecasts for the most traded currency pairs. Read more ...

Pound / Canadian dollar exchange rate at 3 year high, forecasts warn of further gains

canadian dollar CAD

The pound to Canadian dollar exchange rate continues to power ahead continuing with Tuesday's CAD-negative momentum and forecasters foresee further GBP gains.

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