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Euro-Dollar Rate Going Back Down to 2017 Lows: HSBC

Euro-Dollar Rate Going Back Down to 2017 Lows: HSBC

The Euro was on its front foot at the start of the new week, aided by a continued weakening of the U.S. Dollar, although the outlook for the single currency continues to divide opinion among analysts with some forecasting it…


Live Euro to Dollar Exchange Rate(EUR/USD) Interbank Conversion:

What is the Euro to Dollar Rate Today?

The live EUR/USD exchange rate is 1.1398
Change on Previous Day's Close +0.1186%

How does Today's Dollar Rate Compare with Previous Rates?

Today's opening exchange rate is 1.1383
Today's lowest exchange rate is 1.1372
Today's best exchange rate is 1.1402
Best exchange rate of the year-to-date is 1.1802 (22-09-2018)
The lowest exchange rate of the year-to-date is 1.1114 (27-04-2019)

News and Forecasts:

EUR/USD May Have Put In a Major Bottom - Here's Why

  • Written by Joaquin Monfort

The Euro-to-Dollar rate may have formed a major bottom on the charts from which it would be likely to reverse and trend higher, according to analysts at Faraday Research, who're telling clients the down-move in the exchange rate could now be over.

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Euro-Dollar Strength Risks Auguring ECB Rate Cut says Pantheon, as Buyers Queue and Trump Seethes

  • Written by James Skinner

The Euro has gained more than half a percent against the Dollar in the last week and is increasingly tipped to benefit from a decline of the U.S. greenback but any steep recovery would only serve to invite European Central Bank (ECB) intervention according to Pantheon Macroeconomics, which might then undermine the single currency. 

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Euro-Dollar Rate Set for Lift Off after Overcoming Key Technical Level

  • Written by James Skinner

The Euro has completed the formation of a technical pattern on the charts that brings a year-long downward lurch and puts a potential gain of more than six percent in the cards for the months ahead, although the recovery might be slowmoving to begin with, according to technical analysts at Commerzbank.

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