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For consensus GBP/USD forecasts from the world's top 50 investment banks for October 2018 through to October 2019, please download the latest report produced in conjunction with Horizon Currency Ltd.

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Lloyds Bank Exchange Rate Forecasts: Euro to Advance vs. Pound and US Dollar into Year-End

Currency markets have undergone a regime change that has turned the big picture trends of 2017 on their heads and, according to the latest forecasts from Lloyds Bank, the tide of international capital flows is likely to turn again before the year is out. 

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Citi Exchange Rate Forecasts at Mid-Year

Citi forecasts

Citibank, the world's largest foreign exchange dealer, has updated its foreign exchange forecasts as we move into the mid-year period.

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Barclays Exchange Rate Forecasts: GBP, USD and EUR

Currency markets in the midst of a regime change that has seen the tables turned on all of the last year's winners and losers during the second-quarter, prompting a wave of upgrades and downgrades to exchange rate forecasts at Barclays.

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UOB Exchange Rate Forecasts: EUR, USD, GBP, AUD and SGD

UOB exchange rate forecast table

Foreign exchange strategists at UOB - the Singapore-based banking giant - have updated clients with their latest foreign exchange forecast tables and insights for they key currencies over the next one year period.

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Commerzbank Exchange Rate Forecast Update: GBP, EUR, USD, AUD and CAD

After a four month period that has seen key currency market trends of the last year go into reverse, calling a halt to the Euro's rally and picking the US Dollar up off the floor it had been pinned to, the latest forecasts from Commerzbank suggest the greenback rally has further to run and yet more weakness is in store for Europe's single currency.

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Investec Bank Exchange Rate Forecast Update: April 2018

Currency markets have reached an inflection point at which key trends of the last year or more have been called into question although, according to the latest forecasts from Investec Bank, the eight weeks to the end of April are merely just a blip for currency markets and the global economy. 

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J.P. Morgan Exchange Rate Forecast Update: April 2018

Currency markets have reached an inflection point at which key trends of the last year or more will either be dashed upon the rocks of a global economic slowdown or continue unabated following a period of consolidation, according to the latest forecasts from J.P. Morgan. 

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Julius Baer Exchange Rate Forecast Update

Kicking the “cliff edge” can down the road should spell welcome relief for the Pound while strong fundamentals may offer the Dollar some respite. However, extreme bullishness threatens to leave the Euro with a hangover.

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