Foreign Exchange Risk Management

- Protect your budget against adverse FX movements
- Secure your ideal rate automatically
- Book today's rate for use in coming months

Adverse FX moves

Protect yourself against adverse exchange rate movements.

Foreign exchange market fluctuations can knock significant amounts off your international purchasing power, but at the same time a beneficial move can deliver significant windfalls.

Our partners at Global Reach are ready to discuss your needs and help you beat the market with the following options:

Secure Today’s Exchange Rate

Lock a current exchange rate in place for up to two years. This is a smart choice if you need to know exactly how much your currency will cost for a future big-ticket payment, or if you want to protect your money from adverse market shifts.

Target an Ideal Exchange Rate

Use a Limit Order whereby you target a better exchange rate you’d like to transfer at. When the market fluctuates in your favour and reaches your ideal exchange rate, Global Reach will automatically carry out the exchange. 

Global Reach can also offer a Stop-Loss Order which allows you to choose your maximum budget rate and they will make your trade automatically should the market move against you and reach the level you simply cannot afford to go beyond and save you from further losses.

To manage your FX risk, please fill out the below and a member of the Global Reach team will get in touch