ZDDT Looks to Streamline and Improve Data Processing Capabilities

Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT), monitoring and evaluation officer, Mr Tafadzwa Masviba, has introduced the organisation to a data collection tool, Akvo FLOW, which was invented in 2013 by the Akvo Foundation.

The application is meant to improve the cumbersome process of manual data collection by giving users an instrument that, not only improves data accuracy, but also simplifies the way information is collected.  

This comes in the midst of the COVID 19 lock down and overcomes the constraints that this has imposed on the effective and productive work of ZDDT.

In an interview with this reporter, Mr Masviba said, “You open the app, select your survey and submit the data. That sounds simple and straightforward. Yet you can collect data offline, review your submitted forms, see data points on the map, save answers and continue with the data collection later, synchronise, add photos, videos, barcodes and even capture geographic shapes.”

He added that this application is more efficient and requires less labour compared to the huge paper work they used to file while collecting data.