Internet not on Lockdown

The city came to a standstill. Economies almost came to a halt. Everyone was supposed to stay at home and work from home.

For Miss Khaliphile Sibanda, the drama coordinator for ZDDT, this meant to think out of the box so that her play continues and the characters rehearse, whilst observing all rules and regulations that were meant to deter the spread of Covid-19.

In an interview with Miss Sibanda, she said the announcement of the lockdown, she did know not what to do as she already had ongoing projects.

“Three days after the lockdown was announced, I decided to take my work online, and that is how I have been working. I came up with an idea of doing online rehearsals with my drama crew on Whatsapp.

“Every individual in the cast sends a voice note of the part they are playing in the production. The name of this play is called Fantom and it is a musical play,” said Miss Sibanda.

She alluded that, during the lockdown, she produced two plays namely “What If and the other, Essential Worker”.

“These two plays developed from the lockdown, the play What If, is a short drama about my imagination of how the virus looks like. We also had online competitions for Africa Day and it was also a success.

“The lockdown did slow down the pace of our projects but the internet has been of great help as we have moved all our projects to online platforms but we do hope everything goes back to normal soon.