Westpac Forecasts

New Zealand Dollar Eyes New High after Wellington Quells Negative Rate Fears 
The Pound and UK Economy: A Contrarian's Contenders for Outperformance in 2021
New Zealand Dollar Resilience Set to Keep the Squeeze On GBP/NZD
Australian Dollar's Retail Recovery Only Just Beginning but Global Economy the Key to Outlook
Australian Dollar Breakout Seen in Week Ahead, with 0.75 in Reach for Year-end
Australian Dollar Squashed amid USD Rebound as Containment On Charts Risks Enduring for Weeks 
Eurozone Inflation Weakness "Key Risk" to Euro-Dollar Rally
Pound-Australian Dollar Rate Bottoming: Westpac
Euro-Dollar "Not Overvalued" Says Westpac as Aussies Welcome ECB into Their World
Australian Dollar Forecast Upgrades Abound amid U.S. Dollar Rout and Chinese Economic Turmoil 
The Pound-to-New-Zealand-Dollar Rate will Rise as RBNZ Starts Cutting Rates in May says Westpac 
The Pound-to-Australian-Dollar Rate will Rise 8% Before Year-end says Westpac
British Pound Rebound Eyed as Summer Recess Lower's Political Risk Premia say Westpac
Pound to Head Higher vs. Australian Dollar say Westpac, but Others see Better Days Ahead for the Aussie
FX Valuations: British Pound Most Undervalued, Australian Dollar Most Overvalued
Pound to Euro Exchange Rate Recovery Forecast by Westpac Looks Spot-On
Australian Dollar Forecast to Strengthen Against the Pound by Westpac
Australian Dollar to Recover Ground Lost Against the Euro
Pound Sterling a Sell, US Dollar a Buy say Westpac Strategists
Australian Dollar to Remain 'on Top' say Westpac

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