UniCredit Forecasts

GBP Heading into Stormy Waters, Forecast to Recover against EUR in 2019: UniCredit
Pound-to-Euro Exchange Rate Falls Back into the Quagmire
"We Keep Our Bullish Euro Stance": UniCredit
The Pound Forecast 9% Higher Against the Dollar, But Euro Won't be Such a Pushover say UniCredit
UniCredit: Pound Sterling's Turnaround vs. Euro Only Likely in mid-2018
Pound-to-Euro Rate Forecast Back Down at Multi-Year Lows warn UniCredit
Pound Forecast Back Above 1.40 vs. US Dollar in 2019 as Brexit Risk Premium Seen Falling: UniCredit
Euro Forecast to Substantially Overshoot Fair-Value vs US Dollar
Pound Most at Risk v Euro, Could Stay Bouyant v Struggling US Dollar say UniCredit
UniCredit: Pound to Euro Rate Forecast @ 1.05 in Coming Months
British Pound to Find Little Benefit in a Bank of England Interest Rate Rise
Pound Sterling has Overreacted to May Election Announcement, seen 5% Overvalued Against Euro
Pound not Ready to Recover say UniCredit, Cite UK's Challenged Balance of Payments Account
Upside Risks to Euro / Dollar Forecasts on Growing Political Risk Premium in USD
UniCredit Close GBP/USD Trade as Bonfire of the Sterling Shorts Burns Bright
UniCredit: GBP/EUR Exchange Rate Forecast to Fall to 1.11, GBP/USD Below Plaza Accord Levels
Euro Forecasts Upgraded by the Team who were Correct in Calling the EUR/USD’s Bottom in 2015
Exchange Rate Forecasts 2016-2017: UniCredit See Pound Higher v Dollar, Euro Lower
Euro / Dollar Rate to Recover This Week: UniCredit
Pound to End 2016 @ 1.50 Against Dollar say UniCredit

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