ING Forecasts

Pound-to-Dollar Rate @ 1.53 in 2018? It is Possible says ING's Patel
South African Rand Forecast to Struggle in 2018 say ING, Forecasts Show Pound Could Break 20.00 Level
"Embrace the Strong Euro" say ING, Forecast EUR/USD at 1.30 in 2018
Pound Outlook Firms as May Secures the Tiller at Number 10, Dropping Johnson Could Help Currency Even Higher says one Analyst
Likelihood of Parity "Shelved" if Pound-to-Euro Exchange Rate can Sustain Levels Above 1.11
Pound-to-Euro: Better Rates Ahead as Central Banks Tipped to Set the Tone this Month
The Pound to Euro Rate "Extremely Cheap" - Won't Fall to Parity says ING Bank's Patel
GBP/EUR to Remain Trapped Below 1.11, Pound Sterling Decine Justified say ING
Buy GBP/USD say ING: Pound Sterling Oversold and a Softer Brexit Beckons
End of Easy Money is Expected to Lift the Euro to 1.15 v Dollar says ING’s Krpata
"Aggressive" Upgrades to Pound Sterling Forecasts Announced at ING
ING Forecast Pound to Fall Back to 1.11 Against the Euro in 2017
British Pound to Euro Exchange Rate will Avoid Parity say ING
Pound Sterling / Euro Forecast 5% Lower by Soc Gen
A Difficult Week Ahead for Pound Sterling, Sell GBP/USD say ING
What Really Matters for Pound Sterling? Brexit, Investor Sentiment, or Both?
Sell GBP to USD Pair Ahead of Bank of England Meeting: ING
Short NZD v USD is Top Trade Going into NFPs: ING
New Zealand Dollar Shoots Higher as RBNZ Take a Step Back, Direct FX Market Intervention Grows
Best Euro to Pound Exchange Rate Forecast at 0.82 in Three Months