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Julius Baer Exchange Rate Forecast Update

Julius Baer Exchange Rate Forecast Update

Kicking the “cliff edge” can down the road should spell welcome relief for the Pound while strong fundamentals may offer the Dollar some respite. However, extreme bullishness threatens to leave the Euro with a hangover.

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Pound Sterling Forecasts 2014: The View from Lloyds Bank

The British pound is forecasted to decline against the US dollar over the course of 2014 however modest gains against the euro are predicted by Lloyds Bank. pound sterling forecasts Read more ...

Exchange Rate Forecasts for British pound, Euro, US Dollar and Yen

exchange rate forecasts 10 02

We consider the latest exchange rate forecasts on the GBP/USD, EUR/USD and US/JPY issued by those currency analysts we regularly follow.

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Today's Exchange Rate Forecasts: Outlook for GBP Constructive, EUR Bearish, USD Mixed, AUD Mixed

exchange rate forecasts for today

The British pound (GBP) has firmed on Friday and the outlook remains constructive. We also hear of how yesterday's rally in the euro dollar rate does not alter what is a bearish outlook.

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Pound Dollar Exchange Rate Forecasts 2014: Outlook for GBP/USD in 2014 is Negative

Forecast for the pound dollar exchange rate in 2014 We consider the consensus forecasts for the pound / US dollar exchange rate in 2014 and note that the USD is favoured to advance. Read more ...

2014 Forecasts for the Pound Euro Exchange Rate: The Definitive List

2014 forecasts for the pound euro exchange rate
With the help of the team at Smart Currency we present you the definitive list of 2014 forecasts currently held on the pound euro exchange rate by the some of the world's leading finance houses. Read more ...

Pound Sterling's February Outlook: Conflicting Thoughts for the Month Ahead

outlook for the british pound sterling in February

The start of February has been a tough one for those traders and retail currency market participants holding out for higher British pound sterling exchange rates. What does the outlook for the remainder of February hold though?

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Exchange Rate Forecasts 2014: Yen, Canadian and Australian Dollars from Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank Exchange Rate Forecasts 2014 Further Japanese Yen, Australian and Canadian dollar weakness in 2014 is currently forecasted by Commonwealth Bank. Read more ...

Euro exchange rate forecasts: Avoid Shorting the EUR above 1.360-1.365 Warns Analyst

euro exchange rate forecasts

The euro exchange rate complex is seeing a mixed day of trading with strong gains being made against pound sterling and modest gains against the US dollar. However, the outlook is clouded by the ECB who announce their February decision on Thursday.

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