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Save as much as 10% on money transfers compared to banks or money-sending bureaux. As a specialist currency provider, RationalFX Premier offer the best possible rate and won’t be beaten! The rate you book is the rate you’ll get when you make your transaction.

GBP/EUR Exchange Rate:

Live Spot Rate: 1.1221
RationalFX Indicative Quote Range: 1.1041 - 1.112
Rate on Bank Acocounts: 1.0828 - 1.0907

EUR/GBP Exchange Rate:

Live Spot Rate: 0.891
RationalFX Indicative Quote Range: 0.8767 - 0.883
Rate on Bank Acocounts: 0.8598 - 0.8661
On a typical £50,000 payment those who use RationalFX benefit from an extra £500-£800 worth in currency than had they used their bank. The spreads we use in our calculations are derived from data supplied by IMTI.

How We Give You More Currency on Your International Payments

How RationalFX Delivers Bank-Beating Exchange Rates:

  1. Tighter on FX spreads - clients given a rate that is as close to the market rate as possible - and no fees are charged.
  2. As a specialist the company suffers only a fraction of the overhead costs of banks and large FX bureaux.
  3. Your account manager will help you avoid negative market movements. Tools such as buy orders will help you take advantage of currency market movements - tools that your bank offers big institutional clients but not you.

Banks make their money via the large spread they add to the wholesale market exchange rate when they offer you a retail rate.

But, RationalFX consistently under-cut these exchange rates as they are specialists in FX delivery and management.

The figures we quote on this page are indicative of the savings RationalFX are able to offer their clients by actively seeking out the best wholesale market rates and passing them on.

All funds are held in a third party account at Barclays ensuring your money is ring-fenced from our RationalFX's own funds. RationalFX is authorised by the FCA (507958) and HMRC as a Money Services Business (12206957). The company is a SWIFT payments member (RFXLGB21).

With a turnover of $1.9bn in 2015 and expectations to increase this to $2.6bn this year, it is clear that RationalFX is successfully making its mark on the money transfer industry. To date, the company has transacted $10bn, is growing organically with two offices in London and more in Birmingham and France.

Tools to Help you Beat the Market

  • Regular Payments

Need to make overseas mortgage repayments, pay utility bills or school fees, transfer your UK pension or send money to the UK on a frequent basis? Bank charges add up, so save yourself money - and enjoy competitive rates - with our Regular Payments service.

RationalFX make sure your money always gets to the right place at the right time, free of charge.

Ideal if: you don’t want the hassle of bank forms or having to pay bank commission or sending and receiving charges.

  • Spot Transactions

Currencies are exchanged on the spot, with the best exchange rate at the time.

Ideal if: you need to make a payment urgently.

  • Forward Contracts

You can fix a rate up to two years ahead before you have to send or receive the currency.

Ideal if: you don’t want to worry about market fluctuations and prefer to budget ahead knowing how much you’d pay in sterling.

  • Limit Orders

Choose the rate at which you’d prefer to exchange. RationalFX keep a 24-hour watch on the market. If the rate becomes available they will automatically purchase the currency for you.

Ideal if: you don’t have payment deadlines.

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