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Pound-to-Euro Rate going sub-1.10 as

Pound-to-Euro Rate going sub-1.10 as "May is Doomed" and New Election "Unavoidable" says Analyst

The Pound-to-Euro rate could fall sharply during the weeks ahead as investors realise that Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plan is doomed and a new general election is unavoidable, according to Nordea Markets.


Live British Pound to Euro Exchange Rate(GBP/EUR) Interbank Conversion:

What is the British Pound to Euro Rate Today?

The live GBP/EUR exchange rate is 1.1244
Change on Previous Day's Close +0.0285%

How does Today's Euro Rate Compare with Previous Rates?

Today's opening exchange rate is 1.1243
Today's lowest exchange rate is 1.1237
Today's best exchange rate is 1.1251
Best exchange rate of the year-to-date is 1.158 (17-04-2018)
The lowest exchange rate of the year-to-date is 1.1002 (29-08-2018)

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Pound-to-Euro Exchange Rate Rally: "Caution Warranted"

  • Written by Gary Howes

Pound to Euro exchange rate analysis and news

Pound Sterling's rally against the Euro takes the GBP/EUR exchange rate to a five-and-a-half month high at 1.1480; levels last experienced in May. We are nervous of the advance extending and are biased to a retracement lower.

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