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Bitcoin is once again in focus now that it has cracked the $20K ceiling, a move that washes away notable market resistance and opens the door to a potential 50% increase in 2021, according to one analysts we follow.

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The price of Bitcoin has made another attempt at going back to the hallowed $20K mark over the course of the past 24 hours, but ultimately failed. However, a technical analyst at a noted Swiss private bank says technical studies are advocating for further gains and traders should stay 'long' on the asset.

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Libra has been effectively neutered by its opponents, according to a leading technology analysts who says the financial system remains rigidly protected to new currency entrants.

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Cryptocurrency prices fell further ahead of the weekend, rounding off what has been a volatile week for the asset class which had only days earlier seen its most famous constituents hit record highs.

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Bitcoin rally in Pound Sterling prices

The price of Bitcoin reached its highest levels since December 2017 in Midweek trade amidst an ongoing demand for the digital currency that analysts say is linked to a growing perception that it offers investors the same characteristics as gold.

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