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Ripple Hires Heavy Hitters in Anticipation of Expanding RippleNet

The company has headhunted some incredibly big names in finance as plans for continued expansion unfold.


Above: File image of Rosie Rios, image copyright U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Through the year, Ripple has been adding some incredibly impressive names to their roster.

The company - which specialises in cryptocurrency and fintech infrastructure that allows centralised banking entities to better facilitate fast and low-fee global transactions, as well as general tokenisation of a number of different goods - has long been a favourite of crypto investors.

However, they have also been locked in a seemingly forever ongoing legal battle with the U.S. Security Exchange Commission as well.

The allegations brought by the SEC suggest that RippleLabs sold unregulated securities, however the indictment has sparked some serious debate amongst invested communities.

Concerns over regulatory overreach and the stifling of innovation have caused the lawsuit to drag out over the course of nearly four years - with a tentative conclusion set for 2022.

Where an SEC loss could prove incredibly detrimental for the branch of government oversight.

Ripple has long held the intention of distributing their token, XRP, as a utility, providing a payment protocol that allows near instant liquidity to centralised banking institutions for better facilitating global remittance systems.

The debate has left many suspicious of the SEC’s timing and actions, and created an entirely new argument as to whether or not the Commission is even acting in accordance with the constitution.

But, not to be deterred in their goal, RippleLabs, the parent company of the payment protocol, has continued to ferociously defend their position— and has recently added some serious firepower to their team for the upcoming court battle, as well as looking forward to a future of a more inclusive and widely disseminated RippleNet.

Starting with three of the most powerful and influential women in finance and fintech.

Rosie Rios: Former US Treasurer

Serving under the Obama administration as the 43rd Treasurer of the United States, Rios packs a serious punch in her CV.

The American scholar graduated from Harvard University with honours and was also awarded a number of prestigious recognitions from organisations the world over.

Moving from Real Estate finance to local government and development, Rios showed great promise at an incredibly young age.

In 2009, she was unanimously elected as the US treasurer and helped to create some of the most iconic economic infrastructure of that time.

In May of this year, Rios was swooped up by RippleLabs and joined the board of directors.

In a move that not only could help combat the lukewarm allegations set upon the company by the U.S. Security Exchange Commission,

Rios was quoted as saying “I’ve dedicated my career to financial inclusion and empowerment, which requires bringing new and innovative solutions to staid processes…” which puts laser focus on Ripple’s goal to bring about change within traditional financial structures.

Kristina Campbell: Former CFO PayNearMe

To further shore their position, Ripple has named Kristina Campbell CFO, bringing in another powerful name to their financial strategy team.

Campbell has worked on a number of other fintech financial projects, including leading roles at companies like PayNearMe and GreenDot.

This Stanford University graduate brings even more power to Ripple’s plans to continue to function as a financial utility, providing On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) protocol to legacy financial institutions.

“Digital asset technology allows us to rethink and improve the systems and infrastructure around how money moves. With this technology we will make the global financial system accessible to all…” Campbell quipped.

Further pressing the passion and legacy that RippleLabs has been touting since the advent of the company.

Providing integral technology that bridges the gap between centralized banking systems and the global crypto remittance

Sendi Young: Former Strategist at MasterCard

Another Harvard grad, Young promises to add the triple-threat to Ripples Ivy League educated team, appointed as the company’s newest Fintech executive.

Young has long been on the cutting edge of crypto finance and fintech, with a CV that spans a number of different consulting and executive positions with some of the biggest names in finance, to include giants like MasterCard, Morgan Stanley and HSBC.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Young has been described as thoughtful, pragmatic, and compassionate.

Which leaves no questions as to why RippleLabs was keen to get her onboard. With a history of technological experience, coupled with innovative and thorough team work, Young could be the final element that takes Ripple into the next generation of financial magnitude.