Jump in International Investors Looking to Invest in London Property thanks to Weaker Pound

Dean ONeil

Property investment in the UK from international sources could see an extra 20-30% rise thanks to Brexit, according to property investment company Hunter Jones.

Lauded by Sir Alan Sugar recently as one of the top investment companies in London, Hunter Jones prides itself on offering alternative and innovative property investment prospects.

Since the referendum they have seen an increase in non-UK clients of 20% and only expect that figure to grow.

“Our latest clients have already received an average of 8-10% discount by converting their local currency to GBP compared to before the referendum vote over the summer. Add on to this that we will deliver them fixed returns averaging 11% P.A. asset backed by UK property and you can see why the UK is in hot demand,” says Dean O’Neill, Co-Director and Founder of Hunter Jones.

The company is only 3-years old having launched in 2013 with an aim to offer pioneering investment opportunities.

To this end the company specialises in investment structures that are attractive to international buyers such as maintenance-free buy-to-rent opportunities and instruments without a concentration of capital in any one property.

This opens up a fixed term and fixed returns with an automatic exit strategy, proving to be very popular with overseas investors now with the pound weaker than at previous levels.

“Following the Brexit vote, my co-founder Reece Mennie and I identified a massive opportunity internationally and have since rapidly increased the number of clients benefiting from our secure and innovative property investments in the UK. Much of this, we think, is due to the fall in sterling which has made investing in the UK more attractive to overseas investors," says O’Neill.

“Now, we continue to navigate as the country prepares to remove itself from the EU and that again creates new opportunities for us to continue offering certified clients worldwide double-digit returns backed by UK bricks and mortar, and allowing our international clients to get more bang for their buck.”

Quotation markFollowing the ‘leave’ announcement we had both the largest number of inbound calls to our switchboard ever and the most enquiries from overseas in a day.”

O’Neill can pinpoint the referendum as the day the business received an international boost.

He says, “Exact figures are commercially sensitive but the morning following the ‘leave’ announcement we had both the largest number of inbound calls to our switchboard ever and the most enquiries from overseas in a day.”

It has led to the small firm looking for further developments to invest in to meet the demand from international queries. But it’s not just overseas investors who will benefit from the financing.

O’Neill says, “The high quality developments we have acquired helps young workers move out of home, relocate to City centers and our clients benefit from up to 15% annual returns with the same security a bank have when mortgage lending. A win/win!”

But Hunter Jones also have other concerns when it comes to Brexit, as they currently staff a European office which could be effected if a hard-Brexit was enacted. O’Neill suggests this might be a problem as they would not be prepared to divide themselves and concentrate on the UK sector. He says, “We are very proud of our European office, located in Spain, which allows us to service ex-pats all over the continent, as well as a growing number of locals from Switzerland, Portugal, Spain and France.”

But as with any investment there must be predictions to see such an opportunity. Which is where Hunter Jones believe they stand out and will make Brexit, and its fall-out, work in their favour.

O’Neill agrees, “Of course, one of the advantages of working in the alternative space is that we’re ahead of the curve. Our job is to spot opportunities before others – that’s why our clients trust us and why, so far, we’ve been able to deliver a minimum of 8% per annum and an average of 11% annual return on investment.”

Even with the uncertainty in the markets Hunter Jones is managing to dodge such turbulent waters by only taking on board low risk property solutions such as maintenance free opportunities, a growing market for those based overseas. O’Neill also adds that with opportunities not just in currency but also in the interest rates, the UK is currently a hot destination for investment.

He says, “Given the historically low interest rates in Britain you can see why thousands of people are investing with us.” Certainly with a 30% rise in interest from international backers forecasted and a pat on the back from Lord Sugar himself, Hunter Jones might find themselves calmly navigating through the Brexit wave.