Live rate: 1 AUD = 1.9281 LTL (+0.06%)

Inverted: 1 LTL = 0.5186 AUD

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Live Market Rate

1.9281 0 1.9088 Set Alert Set Alert
Horizon Currency 1.9204


0 1.9204 International Payments and Transfers Experts in international money transfers for business and individuals, delivering industry-beating exchange rates.
Global Reach 1.9146


0 1.9146 International Payments and Transfers Indicative Dealing Desk Quote. Rate can only be applied to transfers in excess of £2000 equivalent.
Travel FX 1.9107 0 1.9107 Holiday FX, Cash Delivery A specialist alternative to banks, bureau de change & the Post Office for clients seeking competitive currency exchange rates. A multiple award-winning company, offering free delivery (over £700.00 , no commission charges, payment by Debit Card or Bank Transfer and typically offering the best exchange rates available.

Best Bank Rate


(upper range)

Variable 1.8741 Payments, transfers, holiday money Determined using data on spread charges supplied by IMTI

Worst Bank Rate


(lower range)

Variable 1.8606 Payments, transfers, holiday money Determined using data on spread charges supplied by Money Mover and Accourt


1.8413 0 1.8413 International Payments and Transfers

Airport Pickup

1.8992 0 1.8992 Holiday FX, Cash Delivery Booking Online prior to pickup is the key to getting a good rate

AUD/LTL Live Chart and Data

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Know What the Best Exchange Rate Looks Like

Benchmark the exchange rate market with Pound Sterling Live's custom currency rate comparison tool with built-in algorithms to find the best rates in the market.


Banks and financial institutions buy and sell currency from each other - these sizeable institutions are 'the market' and the rate they transact at is the 'market rate'. The difference between how much a currency is purchased and sold is the spread, which is essentially the difference between the buy and sell price.

But, when currency is sold by banks to retail customers that spread widens significantly and the profit on the transaction is therefore substantially larger.

Therefore when we focus on the transfer fee when sending money abroad we often miss the biggest cost: the exchange rate spread.

Foreign exchange providers have essentially recognised this and they enter the market to transfer money at tighter spreads, thereby saving potentially significant amounts of money for their clients simply by providing better exchange rates.

For example, the transfer of £100K into euros is expected to attract a rate that delivers between €112,480 and €113,296 with the UK's leading high street banks. But FCA authorised providers will provide a rate that delivers between €115,510 and €115,740 (using rates on 05/07/21).

Taking the time to work with a FCA regulated currency provider could therefore result in the delivery of an extra euros amount of between €2444 and €3030.

Safety is Everything

Pound Sterling Live only works with foreign exchange payment companies that are FCA Authorised. This is important: FCA regulations and oversight requires the money they transfer on your behalf to be protected through a process known as 'safeguarding'. Safeguarding requires the payments company to keep your money separate from their own money in a top-tier bank. Therefore if the provider comes under stress your money should be protected.