I need to Transfer Euros to Dollars Within the Same Bank Account

  • Written by Will Peters
  • Category: Advisory

International money transfer question

I have euros in a U.S. FX account and would like to covert an amount to USD in my regular U.S. checking account.

What would your rate be vs a bank rate?

Thank you.

When is the Best Time to Convert my Pension Funds into Canadian Dollars?

  • Written by Will Peters
  • Category: Advisory

Exchange rate decision making

I have a pension deposited into my pound sterling account here in Canada from the UK each month and it has built up over the past few months to about £10k.

When would be the best time to convert it to $CDN.

Is Now the Time to Convert Pounds Into Dollars?

  • Written by Will Peters
  • Category: Advisory

Pound to dollar question

Should I convert British Pounds to US Dollars now or wait a few weeks?

I have 35000 pound sterling to transfer but can wait. What is the projection for the exchange rate pending the EU referendum?


Sold London Flat, Need to Transfer Currency, Should we Wait Until After Brexit Vote?

  • Written by Will Peters
  • Category: Advisory

California exchange rate concept

We've just sold our London flat so we have around £260,000 that we want to transfer to the USA where we live (California).

We've been watching the pound/dollar rate and it seems like we should transfer the money soon.

However we're also thinking we should wait until after the Brexit vote in June.

We're also thinking about transferring half before the vote and half after.

What is your view?

Free Guidance from a Foreign Exchange Specialist

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  • Category: Advisory

Currency transfer advice

Foreign exchange and international payment guidance from RationalFX, a leading FX company.

  • Will my rate go up?
  • How can I get the best rate
  • Can I protect myself by paying half now and half later?
  • Do you offer the service I am looking for?

George ColeGeorge Cole and the team at independent international payment specialists RationalFX are here to help you with your FX questions and requirements.

George is a foreign exchange professional with experience in helping those with large foreign exchange transfer requirements make the right decision.

RationalFX have access to almost 50 different currencies and can transfer funds to and from over 150 countries around the world.

Regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority and HM Revenues and Customs they offer a cost-saving and efficient alternative to your bank.

RationalFX Can Offer:

  • Consistently better exchange rates than the banksTransfer of funds within 24 hours
  • No transfer fees or commission
  • The ability to speak to a personal account manager with expertise in FX.
  • Get a no obligation quote today.

With a turnover of $1.9bn in 2015 and expectations to increase this to $2.6bn this year, it is clear that RationalFX is successfully making its mark on the money transfer industry.

To date, the company has transacted $10bn, is growing organically with two offices in London, Birmingham, Spain and France.