100K Losing Value - Should I Convert my Euros to Pounds Now?

  • Written by Will Peters
  • Category: Advisory

Spain convert euros to pounds

I have 100,000 Euro's in an offshore account from a property sale in Spain July 2014.

Since then I have watched the value decrease...when would you anticipate the rate returning to previous good rates?

Moving Currency Between my HSBC Bank Accounts

  • Written by Will Peters
  • Category: Advisory

HSBC exchange rates

I am living in Bahrain at the moment and have HSBC accounts in Qatar in Qatari Riyals and US Dollars.

I also have a Euro account in Bahrain HSBC.

Is it possible for me to use your services to change money to Euros from my Qatar account and deposit the funds in my Bahrain account?

I Need a Better Rate With Which to Pay my Italian Supplier

  • Written by Will Peters
  • Category: Advisory

Payment to Italian supplier

We have a few payments to make to one of our suppliers in Italy over the next month or two - I am very disappointed with the bank exchange rate and wonder if you can improve on this - my first payment to make is quite small it is approx 2158 euros.

Transferring a Foreign Life Policy to the UK

  • Written by Will Peters
  • Category: Advisory

Exchange rate decision

I have a life policy in South Africa that can be paid out now or in 2021.

We live in the United Kingdom.

Would it be better to have it paid now and convert to GBP since the ZAR seems to weaken quite sharply and the projection may be worse.

Need to Transfer Funds From a House Sale, is Next Week a Good Time to Transfer?

  • Written by Will Peters
  • Category: Advisory

Exchange rate decision 3

We are completing on the sale of one of our London houses and should have the funds in our UK bank on Monday.

We want to buy a property in Spain in the next couple of months, probably costing around 250,000 EUR.

Given the uncertainty re rates owing to the referendum we are thinking that it would be a good idea to transfer 200,000 EUR to our Spanish bank account next week.

Would you agree?

And, if we wanted to use your service, how do we proceed?