Live coverage of the British pound on Tuesday

British Pound Today: GBP Forecasts and Outlook - Sterling to Find Support on 50BN USD M&A Inflows?

The pound sterling (GBP) is forecasted to maintain a bullish tone against its major currency counterparts in the week ahead.

Thursday's Coverage

British Pound (GBP): The Latest Exchange Rates, News and Pound Sterling Forecasts

The pound sterling (GBP) has benefited from a new-found impetus in the latter part of the week past. However, analysts warn further gains will be harder to come by.

A Warning Held in Today's Exchange Rate News and Sterling Forecast Report

The pound sterling (GBP) has benefited from a new-found impetus over the course of the past 24 hours. However, analysts warn further gains will be harder to come by.

Wednesday Coverage:

British Pound (GBP) Outlook and Forecasts Boosted as Unemployment Rate Falls to 6.9 pct

The pound sterling (GBP) has powered higher as UK unemployment smashes through the Bank of England's 7% target.

Tuesday Coverage

British Pound Exchange Rate Outlook Improves as Inflation Falls Less Than Expected

"But with US CPI likely to rise and GBP positioning already a bit stretched, GBP/USD may prove a little vulnerable today."

Monday Coverage:

Pound Sterling Today: Forecasts, Events Dominating the GBP Exchange Rate Complex

The British pound (GBP) is seeing mixed conditions at the start of the new week with strength being seen against the euro and NZ dollar in particular.

Thursday Coverage:

Pound Sterling LIVE: GBP Outlook Deteriorates vs NZ and Australian dollars, Positive vs Euro and Dollar

The British pound was rangebound against the US dollar and Euro on Thursday; however fresh weakness was witnessed against the commodity currencies.

Live Pound Sterling Rates:

  • British Pound / Euro exchange rate:1.2166
  • British Pound / US dollar: 1.6822
  • British Pound / Australian dollar: 1.8121
  • British Pound / Canadian dollar rate: 1.8552
  • British Pound / New Zealand dollar rate: 1.9564
  • British Pound / South African Rand rate: 17.7556

Daily Forecasts from FuturesTechs

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Previously, on the EUR-USD:

"Looks pretty bullish going into this new week and I’d be looking to buy dips unless we drop back through 1.3796. >> Read More

On the GBP-USD:

"We would expect to still see the market struggle ahead of the 1.6822 February high." >> Read more


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Pound to Euro Forecast: Are You Hoping for Higher GBP-EUR Rates? 1.19 is 2014 Average sayUniCredit

In their latest update to their 2014 - 2015 pound euro exchange rate forecasts UniCredit Bank warn the pair will be stuck around the 1.19 level

Why Scotland should peg an 'independent' currency to the British pound sterling

independent scotland british pound

The positive arguments for the retention of the British pound sterling (GBP) by an independent Scotland  outweigh the arguments for the establishment of an independent free-floating currency argue Deutsche Bank. Read More