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The questions concerning the currency of an independent Scotland continues to be asked and debated by all three camps - the yes, no and undecideds. Carl Hasty, Director of international payments specialist Smart Currency Business, has given a clear outline of the currency implications that would...

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Live Pound Sterling Rates:

  • British Pound / Euro exchange rate: 1.2564
  • British Pound / US dollar: 1.6576
  • British Pound / Australian dollar: 1.7753
  • British Pound / Canadian dollar rate: 1.8007
  • British Pound / New Zealand dollar rate: 1.9792
  • British Pound / South African Rand rate: 17.5909

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Pound to Euro Forecast: Are You Hoping for Higher GBP-EUR Rates? 1.19 is 2014 Average sayUniCredit

In their latest update to their 2014 - 2015 pound euro exchange rate forecasts UniCredit Bank warn the pair will be stuck around the 1.19 level

Why Scotland should peg an 'independent' currency to the British pound sterling

independent scotland british pound

The positive arguments for the retention of the British pound sterling (GBP) by an independent Scotland  outweigh the arguments for the establishment of an independent free-floating currency argue Deutsche Bank. Read More